Welcome to the home of the Rocky Butte Preservation Society.

Rocky Butte Preservation Society is a group dedicated to the celebration and enjoyment of Rocky Butte in Portland, Oregon.


The non-profit Rocky Butte Preservation Society was formed in 1985 to preserve the Rocky Butte area. Throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, the Rocky Butte Preservation Society, worked with local agencies to support actions that led to land transfers to public agencies, open space and environmental designations, repair of historic structures, funding of period lighting, and the critical designation of Rocky Butte Scenic Drive Historic District as a national historic site. Currently, we serve as stewards of the area and are interested in its future potential and enjoyment.

The purpose of today’s friends group, Rocky Butte Preservation Society, is:

  • Restoring and preserving the historic and scenic Rocky Butte area
  • Encouraging community enjoyment of the Rocky Butte area
  • Documenting and sharing information about the unique history and geology of Rocky Butte
  • Fostering dialogue and advocating for the future potential of Rocky Butte

The organization of friends of Rocky Butte, legally known as Rocky Butte Preservation Society, is made up of dues paying members from all over the area who value this community resource. We are neighbors, historic preservationists, cyclists, runners, walkers, climbers, educators, geologists, architects, coyote and bird lovers, and more.

We invite you to support or participate in our efforts and enjoy the view from Rocky Butte.

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